We are offering PVC Cement Adhesive, Joining PVC Solvent, UPVC Liquid Cement, PVC Solvent Cement, PVC Glue, Solvent PVC & CPVC Cement Adhesive.

We are a modern thought process company and believe in the researching to the extent before being sure, therefore for our product range’s quality we have gone a step further and established the research and development unit. this unit has been basically established for the quality maintenance of the production process. It helps us understand any new aspects of the formulation and processing of the adhesive and cement and to enhance their quality.

This unit is well handled by experts who are skilled and proficient in their work phase, they are required to conduct research on a timely basis over all the products. Hence the final conclusion of which helps us to know about the changing market situations. After a thorough evaluation of these results we apply the favorable changes in various departments.